AMAL LINKS is an internationally well known Moroccan BRAND.

AMAL LINKS specializes in basket products.

The job of AMAL LINKS consists in transforming all kinds of vegetal materials (exclusively Moroccan local materials) such as : Dwarf palm , Wicker , Jonc , Massettes , Reed , Palm leaves , alfalfa ,Ratan , Crin vegetal , Light wood ,etc …

AMAL LINKS uses biological and nature-friendly products as accessories and decoration.

The production of AMAL LINKS is diverse .

AMAL LINKS produces different types of basketwork products and items , mainly following the customers’ order produces . Examples may be :

Shopping baskets Bags Baby baskets Cradles Chairs Arm chairs Libraries waste baskets Stools Different baskets Tables Beds Relaxes Indoor furniture Outdoor furniture Garden accessories Napkins Accessories

AMAL LINKS has the capacity to meet all the needs of our customers, while strictly respecting the desired forms, measurements, and designs.

AMAL LINKS has a far-reaching infrastructure. AMAL LINKS is present in all Moroccan regions whose main activity is basketwork ,this starts from the major regions such as the Atlas Mountains , the Rif Mountains , Abda region and El Gharb region and to finally reach the remote regions of the kingdom, such as the Sahara region, the East and the South regions of Morocco .

AMAL LINKS participates actively in different professional international exhibitions in Europe , America , Asia and Oceania .

AMAL LINKS sells all of its product outside of Morocco. Indeed, 100 % of AMAL LINKS production is exported to move than 32 foreign countries .

AMAL LINKS is the first Moroccan company that exports so extensively.

In 2006, AMAL LINKS won the Moroccan National Trophy of Exportations and is ranked among the top three exporting companies in Morocco.

AL transports the goods either via sea (20’ or 40’ feet containers) via ground (trucks of 60m3 to 90m3), or via Air (in case of specific or small urgent needs) transportation.